Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fr. Linnane Address to the College

The address that Father Linnane made to Loyola College was a very deserving speech to the faculty and the students. Being in a Jesuit Catholic school, he made many good point about how the school has grown throughout the years and how we can continue growing as a catholic community and as a college.
There were many point about how we have grown as a school itself with it's new buildings and higher rate of applicants. This hit on the point of giving to the school to help it grow as a fondation of knowledge and of scholastic activity. He made many good point about last years students helping out with St. Marys School and giving up the time as a good catholic to help the less fortunate. Another point that Father Linnane gave was how we were able to increase the amount of finacial aide to give to students. He was saying that as a part of the Jesuit way, we should not deny others who have the capability and the drive to learn, regardless of money. The main part that really went well with the Jesuit way and the school was when Father Linnane said we should open ourself as Jesuit Christains with other religions such as muslim. He said that the school should not shone upon that we are a Catholic college. We should invite all people of all religions in. He gave an example that when he was younger that some Asian religious figure would study at Jesuits school because of how good the education was. The Jesuits always believed in a strong educational background and a well rounded one as well.
This address really hit some keys point that Jesuits believe and Father Linnane is really trying to focus on these points made in the address and just expand on it. He wants the future of Loyola College to grow and advance it's knowledge to a higher level of learning.

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