Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nina Marchetto
Understanding Literature
Literary Analysis

In Phillis Levin’s “End of April” and Rudolfo A. Anaya’s “B. Traven Is Alive and well in Cuernavaca” both analyze the theme that as a person and as a place you do not imagine what else can be held inside of you other than the social norms. Through both of these stories and poems you can find other external and internal factors that lend themselves to the composition of the whole person, or place. There are also some literary terms throughout the works that can form a bond between both, such as the vivid imagery.
In Phillis Levin’s poem “Ends of April” there are many imagery’s that lend itself to the theme of spring and hatching to a new beginning. Throughout the whole story there are clear connections to spring, “cherry tree…robins’egg”. These vivid imageries add to the tone of the poem, the new birth and bright new days. The two ending stanza’s are the main points that tie themselves to Rudolfo A. Anaya’s story. The thought that something is within a person, without meaning to be is represented in the last two stanzas. It’s as if that person is holding on to a form of life that is awakened through specific stimuli. In Rudolfo A. Anaya’s story there are many varying variables that are different from the hatching new birth theme of Phillis Levin’s poem. Those differences make it difficult to find some similar meaning, but one is found when looking at the two works as a whole. In Rudolfo A. Anaya’s story he goes through the process of telling the story of how B.Traven’s books influence his time spent in Mexico, and how his stories are alive in Cuernavaca. Throughout the story one character, Justino, to me is portrayed as the living proof that B.Traven’s stories live in the people of Mexico and Cuernavaca. Through his experiences shared to the narrator, aids in the thoughts of B. Travens. His cool composure, and popularity with women can be portrayed throughout the stories.
With both of these works displayed a different level of how each writer is able to portray a mysterious part of people. Through the characters in each, you can see the long lasting impression that experiences and books have on them.

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