Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Will Appelt
Reading Analysis

In the story “B. Tavern is Alive and Well in Cuernavaca” and the article “Serving up Hope,” I found this connection with community. I feel that they use the community in different ways, but they use it for inspiration and to accomplish what they want. The poem “End of April” by Phillis Levin tells of loneliness and about the lost of something or someone.
In the “B. tavern is Alive and Well in Cuernavaca,” there is a man who goes to a place in Mexico to find inspiration to write. He hangs around the people of this village called Cuernavaca and experience the culture they have to offer. He follows around Justino who is a local and seems to love his life. The man is not educated, but he represents what real life is. The man who is finding inspiration recognizes that the people around him are all story tellers and it seems to be part of there tradition in this village. Toward the end of the story, the man goes to a party in celebration of him and sees critic and other authors in his line of business. He meets a man that tells him that the inspiration and the real meaning of life and truth is out in the village with the natives. These are the people that you get your writing from and they are the source of life. The man tells him that he should stay away from the people who not real such as the critics and the press.
In the article “Serving up Hope,” a couple starts a program with those in the community who have problems with drugs or the law. They leave there other promising jobs and become activist in the community. They started a deli where they give people jobs who have had there downfalls. They teach them to how to cook and start them through cooking programs. This couple has given up everything to devote their life to helping others. This is the ideal Jesuit way of giving back to the community and helping those in need. These people show a good example of the people that are still out there who think about more themselves.
In the poem “End of April” by Phillis Levin, there was a tone of regret and loneliness. This person is has lost a special person or has let them go. The robin’s egg represents the emptiness inside the person who has lost this special somone. The person still has this feeling in there heart, and every time they think about them they seem to fall apart. This deals with the regret that some people have in a relationship. These feeling of sorrow and loneliness are all to common in many peoples lives and relationships.

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