Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Event Analysis

Will Appelt
Event Analysis
Understanding Literature
Dr. Ellis

I work with this foundation called the Andy Foundation which is a foundation that was made after the death of my best friends little brother. The foundation helps fund for childcare in hospitals and donate money for numerous machines and surgeries for those who can’t afford it. When I was home two weeks ago, I worked with the Andy Foundation and Kaboom, which helps build playground equipment for children. I was a group leader in the building of a playground for an autistic center for children near where I live. We spend two full days building a complete playground with the foundation and all. Companies from all over contributed there services, as well as the people in the community. When you see big construction workers and business contractor’s giving up there time for this, it really made me realize that there are people out there that care.
As a group leader I was in charge of a group people who worked on a certain part of the playground. When all was said and done, we had a ceremony of the opening the playground for the children. A state senator also came by to deliver a check of $250,000 too the center, which blew everyone’s mind. We got to see these children who are hard of showing emotions, smiling at the playground we have developed. This brought tears to everyone’s eyes and it certainly made me happy. After doing the job I had this feeling that nobody could take away from me. I was on cloud 9 with the expression’s I saw on these children and there parents faces. They were so appreciative of what we did and that brought joy to me and everyone who worked on it. This feeling was indescribable, but it is a feeling that we should all feel in our lives of self-worth and charity. The Jesuit tradition of the community coming together was a prime example of this project. Helping out those in need is one of the main goals of Jesuit tradition. What I got out of doing this project was more then just the service, but a realization that doing something good makes you and others feeling better and in ways that you can’t get anywhere else. This feeling alone should get people to do more for there community and it sure has gotten me to do more.

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