Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Will Appelt Event Analysis

Father Locatelli lecture

Father Locatelli’s lecture was the most interesting lecture that I went to this year. He really made me realize what and why are the problems happening. His lecture was well organized and really got me to listen.
The lecture started with the how we can connect our experience with our educational ability to help with the problems we have today. He talked about the leaders of education and how important they are in putting us on the right track of globalizing without leaving out any third world countries. Another important thing was the teaching and research analysis of ethical and social justice in these countries. We need to help improve these societies by education and giving these people the freedom to choose there own good. The Jesuit way of doing this is by giving up your time and making an effort. Father Locatelli was also talking about poverty hit in the U.S. New Orleans has shown that we are not far from poverty and third world problems of racial issues and class. He talked about how globalization must be part of our reality. We need to provide a just way of doing things and really push more for equality. Technology has recently within the last 25 years has become the new way of capitalism in a globalizing world. This technology has caused a big problem in economic. Technology has not been spread to parts of Africa and South America where they are way behind. Technology can help marginize indigenous people. Father Locatelli told us of some facts about the world that was astounding. There are 1 billion people a day with unsafe water and this has caused the death of children with disease such as stomach aches. These are every day treatable sickness that is killing millions of people a year. This makes you think that there is something truly wrong. Another fact was that over 30 million people do not have immunization. This is a really cause for concern because the rate has climbed higher and higher in years. The scariest fact that heard him say is that 92% of children in Africa are orphaned due to the AIDS epidemic. That would be saying that of the 300 million people in the U.S over 280 million children without parents. When you put that in perspective if make you wonder what we are doing wrong.
Father Locatelli lecture also talked about really pushing education to these countries so they can survive in life. Knowledge is a key to overcoming poverty. He keep emphasizing that sustainability must be part of education. Another key factor is fighting for human rights and figuring a way to stop corrupt governments.
Father Locatelli ended his speech with what John Paul II said as affective instruments for cultural progress. These instrumenst were human life, family life, Social Justice, environmental concerns, and universities of research.
This lecture really brought me back to reality and helped me realize what is going on in the world around us.

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