Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nina Marchetto
Understanding Literature

A few weekends ago I went to the Fun Festival down in Fells point. Baltimore offers many festivals that truly allow you to see the participation the community has in the well being of their own city. This festival opened my eyes especially to many new nationalities, coexisting with each other. The Fun Festival in Fells point is a festival that is an outdoor festival with a lot of diversity that was experienced and shown throughout the many streets of Fells point. This excursion out to Fells point was an experience in itself.
The drive to Fells point, once again we went through the city and saw just how lively the city is. Even though there is a well-known nightlife, it is nice to see a daytime change in the activity. Baltimore is such a welcoming city, as long as your knowledgeable about it, it can be a family city and just a great place to enjoy each other. These excursions into the city whether it’s sunny and warm, or raining and cold outside the cities bright life just shines right through.
While at the festival there were so many nationalities that were represented fully throughout the vendors, and the food stands. Each side of the street had a different type of nationality represented throughout the display of food, like a lot of Cuban and Hispanic foods along with a stage with live dancing and music in the background. There were many other diverse things that really stood out. The community all had vendors of Jamaican trinkets, Hispanic dresses, and Americanized object. That shows that although each and everyone of us are proud of our own heritage we all come together as a melting pot, as Americans.
This event really opened my eyes even wider, although I went to a very diverse school it is very different to see a whole community work together so harmoniously, and support each other’s pride. Our very education supports the very environment that we as college students live in. In this specific teaching of the Jesuit tradition they teach us to accept others for who they are and love them for the uniqueness and the differences that they bring to the table. The people of Baltimore clearly demonstrate this, even if they have not been educated in the Jesuit tradition. The Jesuit

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