Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Event Analysis

Will Appelt
Event Analysis
Dr. Ellis
Children as Role Models

During the Thanksgiving Break I participated in the charity that I’m always involved with, the Andy Foundation. The Andy Foundation helps to raise money for medical research and equipment. The event was a fun little football clinic sponsored by the NFL. All the kids in the community came out to help sponsor the event and it was an exciting a day. We broke the children into groups and I was in charge of one of the groups. Having ten kids screaming and running around was a lot of work, but rewarding. I really connected with all of them and they seemed to look up to me. During the event the children went through fun football obstacles that were donated by the NFL and the kids really seem to enjoy it. During our break we all went to get lunch as a team and the kids who normal didn’t hang out with those in the group really started to bond. I made sure no one was left out of the group and the kids started to get a sense of community and friendship. The kids were very open toward others and always seemed inviting, so my job was easy. After, lunch we went back to the planned activities and I saw something that was quite amazing. One of the boys who were having trouble with an obstacle was getting frustrated and down on himself. One of the other kids in the group saw this and started doing the obstacle with him while the rest of the kids cheered him on. When I saw this I was amazed to see this other child helping just for the sake of helping. The child who was struggling showed great appreciation towards him and it seem like a friendly relationship evolved. These two kids were talking and having a fun time with each other for the rest of the day. Watching the kids have a good time and helping them out real put joy in my day. At the end of the day when the event turned to a close, some of the kids introduced me to there parent and told them about the good time they had. I was so happy at the fact that these kids appreciated the event and me as there coach. It made me feel real good and I felt like a positive role model. The parents were also so appreciative of me babysitting for them. I saw it more as a learning experience about kids and realized that these kids could teach some adults about helping others. After recognizing the acts of kindness and help that

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