Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Michael Waskiewicz Event Analysis

On November 15th I attended a lecture in the Alumni Memorial Chapel that was held by the ALIVE club and was given by Bishop Aquila.  The ALIVE club is a student organization that is committed to showing respect for the dignity of all human life, and this is exactly what Bishop Aquila's lecture had to do with.  This lecture had to do with a few topics that are constantly discussed in the news today.  Bishop Aquila established a connection between our Catholic faith and the heavily debated pro-life issue.

Bishop Aquila is very set on his beliefs in pro-life, and his beliefs against pro-choice.  He believes that the Bible teaches us that it is morally wrong to take the life of something that God has created.  I personally agree with Bishop Aquila against pro-choice and believe that abortions should not be allowed to be performed in most instances.  The Bible teaches that God sacrificed his own life for all Catholics.  It is morally wrong to in any way harm ourselves or another human being.  

The only reason any one would need to get an abortion is due to an unwanted pregnancy.  This means that it is necessary to lower the number of unwanted pregnancies so that there is not as much of a debate about this issue.  I personally believe that the only instance in which an abortion should be allowed to be performed should be in the case of rape.  Most unwanted pregnancies are completely unavoidable, but in the case of rape, there is no way for the woman to avoid becoming pregnant because she did not give consent.

Bishop Aquila also spoke about the death penalty.  The death penalty is given as a sentence to those who have committed terrible crimes and taken the lives of others.  It is illegal in many states, but not all of them.  Bishop Aquila believed that even though the death penalty is punishing terrible people that it is still immoral and should not be used under any circumstance.  I share the same exact views that Bishop Aquila does.  I believe it is much more of a punishment to have the criminal spend the rest of their lives in prison instead of ending their lives early and not making them live with a guilty conscience for the rest of their lives.

Personally I agree with everything that Bishop Aquila talked about in his speech.  I agree with his beliefs about pro-life for the most part, and completely agree with his view on the death penalty.  I learned a lot from Bishop Aquila's speech and it will cause me to do more research on my own into what is going on with the death penalty and the pro-life debate in todays society.

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