Sunday, December 2, 2007

Last Blog Event-Jesuit Dinner

Olivia Silvestri

Whether it’s students or faculty, every member of the Loyola College community has a story or reason why they chose Loyola. On October 30, 2007, I attended a Jesuit dinner led by Father Jack in the fourth floor programming room. The theme of the dinner was “Becoming Who You Are.” In addition to Father Jack, three other members of the Loyola community shared their life journey with us that landed them here at Loyola College.

After hearing Father Jack, a female freshman, a male sophomore, and a French professor tell their individual stories, I realized mine was less interesting and troublesome. Out of the four stories two struck me the most—the sophomore’s and the French professors.

The sophomore came from a bad and violent area in Washington D.C.; Loyola gave him the opportunity to change and make something of his life. In the beginning, his transition was not easy. He even contemplated transferring to the University of Maryland at College Park, but after realizing his progress at Loyola he knew it was where he had to be right now.

The French professor vowed she would never be a French professor because it was her mother’s profession and was not something she was interested in becoming. After coming to the United States and marrying her husband, she had several jobs, but none that made her happy. One day she came across that Loyola needed a French instructor, and decided if hired to give it a try. Although she never wanted to be a French professor, it is the job that makes her happy and is the reason why she is part of the Loyola Community.

My story is simple. I visited Loyola and loved the beautiful and small campus, but it was not my first choice. Northeastern University in Boston was the college I had my hopes set on; however, I was not accepted. Even though I was extremely disappointed, I looked forward to attending Loyola because it was my second choice. After being here for almost a full semester I could not be happier. Loyola has been great to me so far. I am pleased with mostly everything around campus, and I am thankful for my dorm room, which I could consider luxurious after seeing some of my friends dorm rooms at their colleges. Loyola is one stop on my life’s journey and I hope it will lead me to success in the future.

Attending Loyola College, we are lucky to receive a Jesuit Education. A Jesuit Education strives to make its students well-rounded individuals, who can grow to serve and teach others. They do this by focusing not only on academics, but also on the body and soul. In addition, a Jesuit Education incorporates diversity, service, and justice into the classroom. This is an important aspect, known as the Magis. The Magis means, “doing more for Christ” and by making the classroom more than just a learning place, the Jesuits provide their students with this opportunity.

No matter what reason you are at Loyola, it is one stop on your journey of “Becoming Who You Are.” Hopefully, your experience here will be benefiting, providing you with success for the future. I believe that the members of the Loyola College community will make the most of their experience by taking what they learn at Loyola, and using it on their life journey.

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