Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Medieval Times

Nina Marchetto
Understanding Literature
Event Analysis
December 3, 2007

This past Friday I went to an event hosted by Best of Baltimore, we went into the Hanover to Medieval Times: dinner and tournament. The whole experience was so entertaining and a chance for me to see what else was offered in Maryland other than the inner harbor shopping and dragon paddle boats. The ability to have these things introduced to us, freshmen, is such a great idea because we are new and the school is trying to get us acclimated still throughout the whole year and it really does help first year students. I also learned the effects of planning ahead and time management throughout this field trip.
Friday evening most kids are getting ready to go out and party with their friends, try to fit five or six people in a cab and go find some place to have some fun. Instead I was convinced I would start studying for the numerous exams I have coming up along with all the papers and the few class exams I still have before finals; but alas my friends got the best of me and told me to go to medieval times with the best of Baltimore group. I had planned on going but I did not plan properly, and before I could hand in my confirmation slip it was all full. Somehow I managed to get myself on the bus and attend medieval times with the rest of my friends.
The bus ride there was pretty uneventful other than the fact that everybody’s body was jumping with excitement for eating with your hands watching people joust and have good old fashioned violence experience for a Friday night out. One of the memorable moments even before the tournament and dinner started was right when we walked into the mall there were people giving out debit gift cards to our group; best of Baltimore had no idea who they were or what they were giving us. It was just free twenty dollars, which was odd. The gift was great, but it made me realize how easily people try and give you anything and how easily people conform. I know I only took that card because I saw everybody take that debit card, just tells you how easily people are willing to accept something they know nothing about.
The whole experience from eating with our hands, even soup! (Obviously the bowl had a handle so you could sip it like a drink) and being able to hear the accents and see the games and turmoil that the Medieval times once had. It was a really enriching experience to see what else is out there from Baltimore, although on our own transportation may be difficult its good to see there are more exciting things than the gallery shopping center, or the aquarium. This was my first Best of Baltimore trip, and I’m now realizing how many other opportunities I missed out on. This group really broadens your horizons and like I said before teaches you of other things that just on campus functions and inner harbor festivals. Also it forces you to branch out even further than your normal comfort zone and meet new people along with faculty that are on the trip with you. Overall it was a very good experience and the next best of Baltimore trip I believe will be even more eye opening in terms of what’s available for things to do in Maryland, not just Baltimore.

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